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The Keating building, located in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego, is celebrating its 125th anniversary.   The Keating building was constructed in 1890 as a tribute to the late George J. Keating.  Originating from Kansas, George moved to San Diego in 1886 with his wife, Fannie, during the westward expansion of their  farming company, Smith and Keating.  George Keating passed away after only 2 years in California; Fannie enlisted the skills of the Reid Brothers to design and oversee the construction of this five-story Romanesque Reival stayle building. Modern amenities such a spacious floor plans, steam heat, and a wire cage elevator (the first, and still longest running, elevator in San Diego) made the Keating Building one of the most prestigious and sought after office spaces.

Now onto the future….. The Keating Hotel was revamped  in  2011 And the Italian design team responsible for Maserati and Ferrari, Pininfarina selected the property to embody the tradition of expressive design, unparalled quality, and sophisticated luxury.  To create an experience like no other, Pininfarina began by removing features typically found in the average hotel. A color scheme of black and white with Ferrari red in public spaces contrasting with light grey and soothing blue throughout the guestrooms represents signature notes of Pininfarina and America’s finest city, San Diego.

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