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My Yogurt!  Gaslamp’s place for a special treat!

Around 4 years ago brother’s Victor and Laith Salem dreamed of opening a place where people could gather and get a sweet treat.  After some research, and finding the perfect location, the Salem brothers opened “My Yogurt” in the Gaslamp Quarter.

The brightly colored, chic, yogurt boutique, has many different flavors of yogurt with 60 different toppings.  Including hot toppings like, pecan pie, cinnamon roll, and brownie.  The yogurt connoisseur can also choose from 10 designer syrups and even sprinkle bacon on their cool creation.


“ My dad and uncle wanted to own a place you could get a sweet treat, but also a place where the customer commissions their own creation!” said Lauren Salem, who is now the General Manager/ Owner of “My Yogurt.”

This shop sets itself apart from other yogurt places in that along with having containers that you weigh and then pay, they have a flat rate option, “Customers enjoy knowing their creation will be one price,” Said Salem.

“My Yogurt” likes to engage their customers too by having a contest where guests choose what should be the next flavor to add to the business’ repertoire.   They also enjoy bringing in seasonal delights like pumpkin spice and apple pie for the fall, or peppermint stick for the holidays.

The yogurt boutique even has dog yogurt!  The prepackaged, prepoured containers have probiotics and serves as a healthy snack for dogs!

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, stroll down fifth avenue and in front of “My Yogurt” you can find employees with samples, passing out the newest flavor for patrons to try.  On Monday – Thursday “My Yogurt” hosts a happy hour from 2-5pm where guests can get a $1 off of your purchase of yogurt.  Also, if you shop at Ralph’s you’ll be able to see a coupon on the back of your receipt for “buy 1 yogurt get the second ½ off.”

Current delicious flavors:  Fancy French Vanilla, Classic Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Pistachio Gelato, Passion Orange Guava Sorbet, Kiwi Strawberry Sorbet, chocolate Brownie Batter, No Sugar added Raspberry,  Peanut Butter, Nutella, Blackberry Tart, Simply Tart, Cookies n Cream,  Taro Root

 Introducing the 2 new flavors chosen by Guests– Dulce De Leche and Heath Toffee Crunch!

“My Yogurt” can also be the location for your next party, bridal shower, or girls/guys night out!



Basic Frozen Yogurt Party Package: $12 per guest

  • 1 Hour Unlimited Frozen Yogurt & Toppings
  • Balloons
  • Reserved Seating

Deluxe Frozen Yogurt & Pizza Party Package: $16 per guest

  • 2 Slices Pizza For Each Party Guest
  • 1 Hour Unlimited Frozen Yogurt & Toppings
  • Balloons
  • Reserved Seating