The 9th Annual San Diego Union Tribune Gaslamp Holiday Pet Parade presented by VCA Animal Hospitals was the biggest one yet.  With 28 pet expo vendors, music by the George Farres band, special guests, and over 350 pets dressed in incredible costumes, the event was a huge success!

The event kicked off at 1 pm last Sunday in the Hilton Gaslamp Park located at 401 K Street.  Guests and their pets had the chance to win prizes in 10 different categories sponsored by Doozydog! Club and the San Diego Humane Society.  They were also able to saddle up at the “pet treat” bar put on by the goodie bag sponsor Blue Buffalo as well as enjoy the music and take pictures.

At 3pm the parade took off with the San Diego High School Drum Core, and Volunteer of the Year, Micaela Wood, carrying the banner that led the parade.  Grand Marshall’s Ferra and Ozzie the Chihuahua’s, 2015 “Best in Show Winners,” were in a BB8 Star Wars float and flanked by 12 storm troopers from the 501st legion.

Chance the dog, mascot of the San Diego Humane Society, Gulliver the Gull and Gull Girls from the San Diego Gulls, Miss San Diego 2016 Chelsea Magracia and her dog Bella, and the first recipient of the Grey Friars Bobby Award, retiring partner from the San Diego Police Department’s K-9 unit, Oscar and his handler Officer Bret Edwards were the featured dignitaries in the parade.

Of the 350 animals that were primarily dogs, parade participants and viewer saw other pets as well such as rabbits, chickens, cats, tortoises, and lizards.

“It is incredible how the pet owners of San Diego get into this event.  It is so perfect for the holiday’s and exciting that this event grows every year!”  Said Executive Director of the Gaslamp Quarter Association, Michael Trimble, who is looking forward to the 10th Annual event next year on Sunday, December 10th, 2017.

Pet Parade Winners:

Best Ugly Sweater

  • 1st Place- Tracee Lehman- Cooper the Golden Doodle- #130
  • 2nd Place- Paul Jennings- Kalia (15 years old) Belgian Malanois- #105
  • 3rd Place- Lisa Ann Wilson- “Stella” Blue Heeler/ Lab Mix- #275

Best Wildlife Costume- promoting SD Humane Society’s New Project Wildlife Program

  • 1st Place- Kristie Needham- “Mistie” an 8 year old Westie- #167
  • 2nd Place- Christine Rodriguez- Lugo a Bulldog- #291
  • 3rd Place- Hector Saludo- Stella American Pit Bull Terrier- #212

Cutest Critter

  • 1st Place- Sara Anaya- Frida the Chihuahua- #007
  • 2nd Place- Mikayla Richter- Siberian Forest Cat- #190
  • 3rd Place- Kyle Boyer- Nova the Boston Terrier- #23

Best Pet Costume

  • 1st Place- Jeanie Patten – Sam the Handy Man – #215
  • 2nd Place- Angela Vittucci- Brandi the Lhasa Poo- #264
  • 3rd Place- Vicki Solano- Penny Lane – Maltipoo #234

Best Pet Costume (non-canine)

  • 1st place- Tamara Clemente- Gamera the 5 ½ year old Tortoise- #041
  • 2nd Place- Kenneth Swinson- Xingona the Sphinx- #244
  • 3rd Place- Michaelann Johnson- Mimosa the Lop eared Rabbit -#108

Best Holiday Costume Award

  • 1st Place- Therese Lamb- Otis the Wonder dog- Yellow Lab-#128
  • 2nd Place- Shannon Gearing- Bruskie – Huskie Mix- #80
  • 3rd Place- Kaitlyn Persky- Ellie – Lab Sheltie Mix- #182

Best Costumed Duo

  • 1st Place- Jan Savage- Sir Ruffles Von Vicious- Schnoodle- #214
  • 2nd Place- Laura Gilbert- Kiva- Terrier/ Chihuahua- #83
  • 3rd Place- Kimberly Carlisle- Lady- the Golden Retriever- #290

Best Costumed Group

  • 1st Place- Hoberecht Family- Belle – Greater Swiss Mountain Dog – Zachery- Pembroke Welsh Corgi- #92 #93
  • 2nd Place- Paula Fisher- Cosmo aka “Santa Cos”and Betty (the elf)- #71/#72
  • 3rd Place- Diana Cavagnaro- Lambchop- Bedlington Terrier-#34

Best Costumed Adopted Pet-

  • 1st Place- Kim Mills- Brown – Chiweenie- #156
  • 2nd Place- Esmerelda Anaya- Mos- Pitbull- #6
  • 3rd Place- Kathleen Israel- George the Bullet- West Highland Terrier- #102

Best in Show

  • 1st Place- Jackie Silva- Sammie the Maltese Poodle-#227-Sweet Pea- Toy Poodle Mix- #228
  • 2nd Place- Brian Sardo- Apollo- The Staffordshire Bull Terrier- #288
  • 3rd Place- Mary Caraway- Bailey- The Yorkie- #31