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Citybeat Restaurant Guide: This is a completely separate piece from CityBeat. It’s got YEAR-ROUND distribution and exposure  at the San Diego Airport, hotels, visitors centers along with some select local establishments. This publication will be replenished throughout the ENTIRE YEAR and it’s a great way to reach both locals and tourists alike.

There are a number of options, from a 1/4 page up to a Full page with a “Featured Section Sponsorship” – Which is essentially 2 pages for the price of one (in my opinion the most bang for your buck. I realize this is probably a stretch for you, but just thought i’d put it out there. Each ad comes with a listing and some come with recipe features too. The rates are very reasonable especially considering it’s an annual publication.

For an example of the Featured Section opener, see last years issue – PG 34 for the “Recipes” section-opener featuring the Bali Hai  and PG 5 for their Full page ad. There’s only a few of these available, so if you’re interested, let me know as soon as possible.


Paulina Porter-Tapia, Director of Advertising – Multi-Media

San Diego CityBeat Media

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