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Let us help you save energy, so you can put those dollars back into your business. Take advantage now of SDG&E’s LED lighting INSTANT REBATES before they expire on June 30, 2018! Installing LED lighting at your facility has many benefits:

  1. LEDs run cooler, reduces energy usage and costs
  2. Sturdier – don’t break as easily
  3. Less maintenance – longer life
  4. Great color-rendering index; better ability to reveal the actual color of an object (pops and sparkles!)
  5. Zero UV emissions – artwork doesn’t degrade or fade
  6. Operates well in both cold and hot temperatures
  7. Better ambiance for customers/employees

Check out these current LED lighting instant rebates:

For more information or to locate a distributor, call SDG&E’s Energy Savings Center at 800.644.6133, email, or visit You can peruse the Lighting Product Catalog online at