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This document provides information on outdoor food service operations that are operating in conjunction with a
fully enclosed permanent food facility during a Temporary Event.

If outdoor space is available, under the control of the permanent food facility, and approval has been granted by the
local City Code Enforcement office, the permanent food facility may conduct the following satellite food service
operations as an extension of their permitted food facility:

• Heating, frying, baking, roasting, popping, shaving of ice, blending, steaming or boiling of hot dogs, or assembly
of nonprepackaged food.
• Slicing and chopping of food on a heated cooking surface during the cooking process.
• Cooking and seasoning to order.
• Preparing beverages that are for immediate service, in response to an individual consumer order, that do not
contain frozen milk products.

If no outdoor space is available, outdoor food service during a temporary event is restricted to operations (conducted
by the permanent food facility, not another vendor) which include:
• Holding, portioning, and dispensing of any foods that are prepared inside the permitted food facility for
outdoor food service or sold by the onsite permanent food facility.

Note: Temporary outdoor food service operations may NOT slice and chop, thaw food, cool food, grind raw ingredients,
reheat except for hot dogs or tamales, wash foods, or cook foods for later use.

If a food facility would like to set up a booth and participate as a vendor in the Temporary Event, the appropriate
Temporary Food Facility Permit will need to be obtained from the Department of Environmental Health, Food and
Housing Division.

Outdoor food service areas shall have the following to help protect food from cross contamination:
• Overhead protection over all food handling areas.
• An approved handwashing station within the satellite food service area.
• Available warewashing facilities located within the permanent food facility.

Prior to conducting temporary event food service operations, the facility shall submit to the County of San Diego,
Department of Environmental Health, and maintain on site, written standard operating procedures (SOPs) that
• List of all food that will be handled and dispensed.
• Procedures and methods for food preparation and handling.
• Procedures, methods, and schedules for cleaning utensils and equipment.
• Method in which food will be transported to the outdoor food service area and procedures to prevent
• Method and equipment for which potentially hazardous foods will be cold-held at 41°F or below, or hot-held at
135°F or above.

County of San Diego

Department of Environmental Health

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