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Taking Care of People Who Care For Pets

Wag PetCon | December 15-16 | San Diego Convention Center, Exhibit Hall B1

Join us for Wag, an all-new pet convention for pet owners to celebrate our furriest family members, have fun and learn more about pet health.  who want to be informed and involved in the health of their pets. Pet families are invited to explore new products and technologies, visit a petting zoo, enjoy concessions, adoption programs, demonstrations for kids and more! Learn about the latest innovations in pet health and well-being and participate in discussions about common health and behavior problems other pet owners have.


The veterinary market has changed. Pet owners have more access to information. They’re more involved in decisions about their pets’ care. They’re evaluating products and services every day looking for what’s best for their pet, convenience, price and innovation. They are breaking all the rules—and creating a new way of thinking.

Pet owners today are a different breed! You have questions. You want to arm up and be the best pet parent you can be. And you need a different experience to help you get there. Wag is that experience.

Wag is part of the larger Vet and Pet West, an all-new, ground-breaking event that provides cutting-edge education for veterinarians—and also today’s pet parents, bringing them together under one roof. Plus, this new event lets you see all kinds of new and innovative products that can help you and your pet live a long, happy life together.

Hot Topics & Learning Sessions

The experts who train veterinarians on behavior, nutrition, pet enrichment, allergy management, senior care and more will give you up-to-the minute thinking on these key areas of pet health.

Plus! Join us in the Wag PetCon learning theater, sponsored by PetsMart Charities and Royal Canin. Sessions will occur every 15 minutes on a number of pet health topics, including behavior, nutrition and senior care, and will be led by leading veterinary professionals—including America’s Veterinarian, Dr. Marty Becker; Dr. Sarah Wooten and Dr. Dave Nicol.

For full pricing and location details please visit today.

ALSO, register for the Vet + Pet Gaslamp Holiday Pet Parade Presented by FOMO Bones and you can enter Wag PetCon for free!