Nestled between Toscana and The Chuck Jones Gallery on Fifth Avenue, you’ll find Gaslamp Quarter’s newest exclusive retail experience, LUNISOL!  This family business gets its name from the three siblings, Lucas – LU, Nicole – NI and Sol, and it is their second location in San Diego.  The family wanted to expand to the Gaslamp Quarter to provide conventioneers, travelers, and nightclub goers an upscale shopping experience.

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Opened the day after Christmas by the Griffin family, the stores specialize in custom women’s footwear, high end Italian and European Women’s clothing, handbags and jewelry, and a new Men’s clothing line.  Nicole Griffin chatted with us in the elegant space made up of Gold, Black and Brick and talked about how her parents started in the fashion industry as a wholesale supplier, working for all the biggest brands where they established close knit relationships within the fashion community. “I grew up going to shows around the world and learned about what fabrics, textiles and leathers are the best,” said Griffin, who collaborates with her mother on creating product displays and opening retail stores. The mother-daughter team cherish their time running retail stores and getting to know their clients.

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The Boutique is a perfect fit for the Gaslamp Quarter.  With conventioneers and travelers looking for a dress to go out in, or a unique gift to remember San Diego by, the retailer specializes in elegant items and excellent customer service.  The boutique also has their own “LUNISOL” brand adorning dresses and custom designed footwear. 

Rosita Griffin, the founder of LUNISOL, began working in the shoe business at age nineteen. When she moved to the States from Ecuador, she sold multiple brands of footwear to high-end retailers and mail order catalogs across the States. Through experience in the wholesale business, she tailored the LUNISOL collection to meet the needs for quality and comfort for her boutiques in California. Rosita consciously avoids mass production and has personal involvement in the material selected for the construction of each shoe.

“My mom has the shoes made in Brazil, because they have the finest leathers, and she takes in everything that is trending in the fashion industry when she designs each shoe” said Nicole who holds up a shoe that is a high heeled sandal that looks like a piece of fine art.

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The clothing, hand bags, shoes and jewelry are in the latest fashion and a perfect investment piece that can be one of a kind!  For instance, the newly acquired men’s clothing line, Robert Graham from New York has limited edition shirts that are numbered and designed with Swarovski crystal buttons and special fabrics.

For an elegant shopping experience treat yourself to LUNISOL, a unique fashion destination in the community with new arrivals on a weekly basis.

As a specialty boutique, LUNISOL is a niche limited company with Brazilian leather shoes and Italian clothing, with personalized multi-lingual customer service. LUNISOL delivers fashion forward Italian clothing, domestic brands, and Brazilian shoes and accessories, every day of the week.