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Parq Restaurant, located at 615 Broadway, transformed their menu for the warmer seasons! The moment we walked into the restaurant, we noticed that the venue was brighter than when we visited during the Winter season. The roof of the restaurant was open letting in natural sunlight and trees with vibrant green leaves and lights adorned the venue. The menu also went through a transformation that reflects the Spring and Summer seasons.

GQA Staff Picks:

My friend Jordan, being a Whiskey fanatic, ordered the “Eastern Remedy,” featuring Kikori, Yzaguirre, Luxado Maraschino, Grand Marnier, and Disarrono. She said this cocktail had a strong citrus flavor and a nice bite. This is the drink for you if you like whiskey and citrus.

I (Sherry) ordered the “Looking like a Snaq-iri,” featuring Cutwater rum, strawberry Lychee, and Passoa passionfruit. This cocktail was fruity and candy-like, perfect for those like me who prefer sweeter cocktails.

From the Farm section of the menu, we ordered the Peach & Prosciutto Flatbread with goat cheese, red onion, arugula and candied walnuts on a very soft bread. This flatbread was an equal balance of sweet (candied walnuts), savory (prosciutto) and bitter (arugula).

From the Stock & Stable section, we tried the Pork Carnitas with fried green tomato and smoked onion vinaigrette. This dish was a nice mixture of textures with the soft carnitas and fried green tomatoes that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

From the Ocean section, we ordered the Grilled Octopus with romesco sauce, potato, turnip, olive, and herb salsa. The octopus was very tender, and the sauce had a spicy and sour taste to it that complimented everything very well.

From the Big Plates section, we ordered the Pan-Roasted Sea Bass with coconut green curry sauce, charred carrot, bok choy and jasmine rice. We could tell the Asian inspiration in this dish with the curry, bok choy and jasmine rice. The sea bass was very soft, and the curry sauce was slightly spicy bringing a nice kick to the dish. The bok choy was nicely cooked so that it still had a crunch. Overall this dish was flavorful, but still light.

For Dessert, we ordered the S’mores Crème Brulee. The crème brulee was a yummy chocolate flavor and the marshmallow was nicely melted for you to create your own s’more of your liking. This was a fun, sweet end to our dinner.

The dishes in the menu reflects the Spring and Summer seasons with a lighter and more vegetable forward approach. We felt that this new menu is perfect for dinner during the hot weather. Come try this new menu and see for yourself! Parq Restaurant is open for dinner every Friday and Saturday from 6:30-10PM with happy hour from 6:30-8PM.