Outdoor Dining in the Gaslamp Quarter


On-trend humans have been dining outdoors since before roofs were invented, but the Gaslamp Quarter’s new outdoor-dining experience raises the bar(s) sky-high. Come see what’s new.

A friendly reminder from the Gaslamp Quarter Association: when visiting the Gaslamp Quarter, please practice social distancing and follow San Diego County health guidelines regarding face coverings amid COVID-19. Gaslamp businesses follow the rules and won’t admit customers who don’t.

It’s super fun in the Gaslamp, as always. Come be safe and have a blast.

Parklets and Sidewalk Patios


Gaslamp restaurants have extended their patios onto the sidewalks and beyond, creating inviting atmospheres in parking spaces (aka Parklets) and transforming the streets of the neighborhood into a magical culinary and (socially distant) social affair seven days a week.

These brand-new Parklets and Sidewalk Patios (see July 24 photo gallery) line the streets of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Aves., plus cross-streets throughout the Gaslamp Quarter every day.

Curbside Gaslamp


Wednesday through Sunday through the end of the year (see schedule below), the Gaslamp Quarter Association presents Curbside Gaslamp. Socially distant but emotionally close, this five-day weekly event closes Fifth Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter to vehicular traffic — paving the way for in-street dining and shopping.

Fifth Ave. is closed to vehicles from L St. to Market St. on Wednesdays, and from L St. to F St. on Thursdays through Sundays.

McFarlane Promotions produces this large-scale event, which has nearly 50 Gaslamp business participating (see list below) each week. Aperol, the Italian aperitif liqueur, donated the hundreds of umbrellas that provide shade for guests while adding a sense of unity and community to the entire event.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer says, “The Gaslamp Quarter is the heart of San Diego, where businesses pledge to keep you safe.”