Bandar Persian Prime

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845 4th Ave, San Diego, CA

(619) 238-0101

Fine Persian Cuisine

Bandar is a family owned restaurant since 1996.

It’s often interesting learning the former careers of restaurant owners and that of Behrooz Farahani and his wife Shokooh Farahani, owners of the downtown San Diego Persian restaurant, Bandar, are no exception.

Behrooz Farahani graduated in Tehran, soon thereafter owned his own architectural firm, was married, had twin daughters and moved to Vienna. On a visit to San Diego from Vienna in 1986, he decided he could provide his family with a better life and jumped at the opportunity to open a restaurant. Behrooz and Shokooh opened the restaurant in a historical building in San Diego’s renowned Gaslamp Quarter in which they would call Bandar, meaning “port” where Behrooz was born.

Bandar originally opened for business in 1996 under owner Behrooz Farahani, his wife Shokooh, and two daughters (Tiba & Golsa).  The dual combination of Behrooz Farahani’s new cooking techniques and classic architecture helped to make Bandar a staple in San Diego fine dining for over the past two decades. Bandar’s menu offers a classic variety of Fresh Prime Steaks, World Famous Chicken, Seafood, Vegetarian and classic Persian specialties. All entrees are charbroiled and prepared with the freshest ingredients, while being low in fat but flavorful. Bandar is best known for its use of fresh, gluten free, healthy ingredients and bold complex flavors. Dining at Bandar is truly inspiring from the stunning ambiance to the variety of signature entrees.

Persian cuisine is exotic, healthy, and gluten free consisting of a combination of fresh filet mignon beef, lamb, chicken, organic fish, garlic, onion, vegetables, nuts, pomegranate, basmati rice and herbs. To achieve a delicious taste and a balanced diet, unique Persian spices such as saffron, limes and different vegetables are mixed delicately, Persian food fits perfectly with today’s lightened eating style.

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