Bubbles Boutique

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226 5th Ave, San Diego, CA

(619) 236-9003


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Photos by: Xavier Barley Photography

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About the Owner:

“Growing up, my favorite closet was always my mother’s,” says boutique owner Gayleen Nichols, “she was always hip and on trend, and she taught me to have a very eclectic sense of style.”

Gayleen is a BUBBLE herself! Effervescent and sparkling, a twinkle in her eye and a dazzling personality, she has truly found her niche. She created this whimsical, cozy, little boutique over 15 years ago, and she is the heartbeat of the operation.  You can feel her innate sense of fashion and the love she puts into everything she touches.  This entrepreneur adores her customers and has an extraordinary rapport with each one. Her focus is to help her clients create their own fashion statement.

Her motto? “Life’s too short to be stuck inside one fashion box.”

Her mantra? “When you look good you feel good, and your light shines even brighter!”












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