Get your coffee & homemade bagels at Spill the Beans!

I found my new morning ritual! I walk into the new Spill the Beans eaterie and order the “Mr. Ed.” This Dark Horse roast iced coffee with soy milk and an almond infusion wakes me up, but gently, as the sweet vanilla and almond taste goes down. While I smell the glorious aroma of freshly baked bread, I peruse the menu of bagels and creative spreads. Today, I purchased a toasted fluffy white cheddar & bacon bagel slathered with white truffle parmesan spread. This is truly decadent, and a delicious way to start the day! New to the Gaslamp, on the corner of 6thand Market, this neighborhood coffee joint gives a morning bustle to what is often times buzzing only at night. Everyone is getting their coffee and homemade bagels, chatting with friends, getting an email sent on their laptops, or stopping off before their dog walk.

Spill the beans
My morning ritual
Spill the Beans

I have become a regular there too. Each day I’ve enjoyed the “Mr. Ed” (an iced latte with soy milk and an almond infusion) and their homemade White Cheddar and Bacon Bagel toasted and spread with their white truffle parmesan spread. Truly decadent right? A great way to start off the day!

The menu is truly inspired too, crafted by Chef Kevin Templeton, each bagel is made in house every day using the highest quality ingredients and are lightly dusted in sea salt. Guests can choose from a plain jane, roasted garlic and herb, serrano, habanero and Jack Cheese (spicy), seed and grain, pear/ cranberry /vanilla and cinnamon, the everything bagel, and the gluten free choice. After choosing your bagel, you can select your spread- plain cream cheese, red chili & garlic, Strawberry/basil and balsamic, caramelized shallot and chive, agave vanilla, wasabi ginger and soy, white truffle and parmesan, homemade Nutella, or almond butter. Not your New York bagel joint this is a San Diego bagel eaterie!

Lox, Stock, & Bagel
Cup of Dark Horse Roasters Coffee
The San Diego

Guests can also choose an array of delicious bagel sandwiches too. All bagels are served until 2pm but the exclusively served cold brew, hot brew and specialty coffees by Dark Horse Coffee Roasters are sold until 7pm on weekdays and 8pm weekends!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gaslamp’s new secret is out! Go ahead and Spill the Beans by visiting & check it out for yourself.