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The Gaslamp Promenade


The Gaslamp Quarter is a national model demonstrating how a public/private partnership can revitalize older commercial areas.  Fast forward to today and the Gaslamp Quarter has reached a turning point in its long history as a dining and entertainment district.  The Gaslamp Quarter Association in partnership with Carrier Johnson+Culture, Kimley Horn, San Diego Downtown Partnership and the City of San Diego have created a vision for the future of the neighborhood.  The Gaslamp Promenade project was developed to give back public space to the people of San Diego and all who visit Americas Finest City.

This project will reinvent 5th Avenue into 8 distinctive plazas from L Street to Broadway. Creating the new Gaslamp Promenade.  Urban plazas build communities, a place for social connections a place for conversation, dining and entertainment, this promenade will be a vital part of what makes San Diego’s future great.

Urban Plazas are major economic drivers and will be the centerpiece of future development downtown.  Strengthening a sense of place, neighborhood identity, and aesthetics through the addition of new tree canopy along the Promenade to reduce the heat, making 5th Avenue a place for people.  The Gaslamp Promenade is in the heart of downtown San Diego located in close proximity to dense residential and commercial areas. The new development will serve the local community not just as a tourist destination.  We are pleased to introduce the Gaslamp Promenade project, the future of the Historic Gaslamp Quarter.

Michael  Trimble, Executive Director, Gaslamp Quarter Association


Watch the video and view before-and-after renderings of The Gaslamp Promenade vision below.

Before / After

The Gaslamp Gala, November 7th 2019

From left: Mike Georgopoulos, Partner of RMD Group and Chairman of the Gaslamp Quarter Association (GQA) Board of Directors; California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria, representing the 78th District; Paul Cooper, legal counsel of RMD Group; and Michael Trimble, Executive Director of the GQA the Gaslamp Promenade, a vision of the future of the Gaslamp Quarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will Fifth Avenue be permanently closed?
A:  No. Fifth Avenue will be closed to vehicles (and open only to pedestrians) from approximately 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday, from Broadway to K Street. Fifth Avenue will be open for vehicular traffic from approximately 3:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday, from Broadway to K Street. Fifth Ave. Avenue from L Street to K Street will always remain open for vehicular traffic (except for special events).

Q: How will I cross the Gaslamp by car?
A: All cross streets from K Street to Broadway will be open for traffic.

Q: When parking is removed from Fifth Avenue, where will I park?
A: There are many parking options in the Gaslamp and surrounding areas. Parking along Fourth Avenue and selected cross-streets is in the process of switching from parallel parking to diagonal parking, which will continue to increase the number of available parking spaces in the neighborhood. There are 3,700-plus parking spots available in parking structures within close proximity to the Gaslamp Promenade. Learn more about parking at

Q: When will Island Avenue and E Street between Fourth and Sixth be open?
A: Island Avenue and E Street between Fourth and Sixth will be open during the same hours as the Gaslamp Promenade.

Q: Will there be ADA-accessible parking close to the Gaslamp Promenade?
A: Yes. All accessible parking spaces that are removed from Fifth Avenue will be replaced within close proximity to the Gaslamp Promenade. Cross-street parking will be modified to ensure an adequate number of ADA-accessible spaces are maintained adjacent to the Gaslamp Promenade.

Q: How will I be able to get deliveries to my business or residence?
A: The Gaslamp Promenade will be open for deliveries from 3:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m., seven days a week. All businesses who service the neighborhood will be contacted prior to the construction of the project.

Q:  Will I still be able to valet my car at Gaslamp hotels or restaurants?
A:  Yes. All valet stands for hotels and restaurants will be located on side streets adjacent to the Gaslamp Promenade. 

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