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The Gaslamp Quarter Association – in partnership with Carrier Johnson+ CULTURE, Kimley Horn, San Diego Downtown Partnership and the City of San Diego – has created a vision for the future of the Gaslamp Quarter, which has reached a turning point in its long history as a dining and entertainment district.

Introducing the Gaslamp Promenade, developed to give public space back to the people of San Diego and all who visit America’s Finest City. The Gaslamp Promenade will reinvent Fifth Avenue into eight distinctive plazas (from L Street to Broadway), fostering community by building a place for social connections, conversation, dining and entertainment. This promenade will be a vital part of what makes San Diego’s future great. 

Michael  Trimble, Executive Director, Gaslamp Quarter Association


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Map of Gaslamp Promenade

Letters of support from community leaders

“The possibilities for pedestrian activation and place-making that will be on display as a result of this project can serve as a model for other parts of the City, and serve as a launching pad for greater innovation in public spaces. I look forward to working with you as you pursue this vision, and stand ready to help.”

Todd Gloria
Assemblymember, 78th District
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“The Gaslamp Quarter has always been a destination for both tourism and local San Diegans, so let’s be proactive about the future needs of our Downtown community and create more dynamic public spaces. Activating the Gaslamp and investing in a pedestrian-focused promenade will enhance the experience of visitors and provide exciting opportunities for people to gather.”

Chris Ward
Councilmember, District 3


“It is my great pleasure to support the Gaslamp Promenade and to be a partner with you in achieving this vision. The Gaslamp Promenade represents the innovative re-imagination of our public spaces that will make San Diego a wonderful place to live and visit. As the County Supervisor who represents downtown, I am excited we are reclaiming public space for walking, biking, eating, shopping and bringing our community together to create an inclusive San Diego.”

Nathan Fletcher
Supervisor, 4th District
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“This project will enhance the economic and social potential of the Gaslamp Quarter, contribute to
sustainable practices in the City of San Diego, and create a safe and engaging area for residents and

Barbara Bry
Council President Pro Tem, District 1
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“I am reaching out to add my voice to the long list of individuals and groups supporting the Gaslamp Promenade. The opportunity for San Diego to create its own great public space, like Times Square in New York, 3rd Street Promenade in Sana Monica and Denver’s 16th Street Mall, is an idea long overdue.

Jennifer Campbell
Councilmember, District 2
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“As a member of the City’s Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee, I view this project as enhancing the economic landscape of the Gaslamp Quarter by helping drive increased foot traffic for existing and future local businesses.”

Mark Kersey
Councilmember, District 5

“The Gaslamp Promenade will be an innovative and sustainable streetscape design that will emphasize non-motorized pedestrian use. It will create a sense of community and a place for social connections and entertainment. Its completion will represent a vital renaissance for the city, one that will serve the community as a place to gather and celebrate life in America’s Finest City ”

Joe Terzi
President and CEO, San Diego Tourism Authority
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“We believe this project will provide the much-needed investment and improvement to the heart of Downtown, creating and sustaining jobs, tourism and public safety. The new promenade will drastically increase the amount of public pedestrian space in Downtown. It will become a destination for both local San Diegans and tourists to the area.”

Jerry Sanders
President and CEO, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

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“An opportunity exists to transform one of Downtown’s greatest destinations, the Gaslamp Quarter, into an even more popular pedestrian corridor. The removal of cars will help create a walkable pedestrian-friendly environment that can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Betsy Brennan CEO San Diego Downtown Partnership”

Betsy Brennan
President and CEO, The Downtown San Diego Partnership
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“Our Board of Directors voted unanimously to support the project. We believe the project will enhance the visitor experience and the sustainable design will emphasize non-motorized pedestrian use. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we value the communication and partnership between the Gaslamp Quarter Association and the San Diego Convention Center.”

Clifford “Rip” Rippetoe
 President & CEO of San Diego Convention Center Corporation
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The Gaslamp Promenade will help drive increased revenue for both existing and future businesses by encouraging visitors to explore Fifth Ave as an exciting daytime and evening destination. This project will create a sense of community and a place for social connections and entertainment, and will become an iconic addition to downtown San Diego. We applaud the Gaslamp Quarter Association on your visionary effort.

Colin Parent
Executive Director and General Counsel, Circulate San Diego
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The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, whose mission is to advocate for and protect the rights of all people who choose to ride their bicycle, is writing in support of The Gaslamp Promenade project recommended by the Gaslamp Quarter Association.

 This is a superb opportunity for the future of San Diego to give public space back to the people of San Diego from L Street to Broadway. This opportunity to provide community building for social connections, dining and entertainment will make it a prime destination location for cyclists and all people.

Andy Hanshaw
Executive Director, San Diego County Bicycle Coalition
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From left: Mike Georgopoulos, Partner of RMD Group and Chairman of the Gaslamp Quarter Association (GQA) Board of Directors; California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria, representing the 78th District; Paul Cooper, legal counsel of RMD Group; and Michael Trimble, Executive Director of the GQA the Gaslamp Promenade, a vision of the future of the Gaslamp Quarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will Fifth Avenue be permanently closed?
A:  No. Fifth Avenue will be closed to vehicles (and open only to pedestrians) from approximately 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday, from Broadway to K Street. Fifth Avenue will be open for vehicular traffic from approximately 3:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday, from Broadway to K Street. Fifth Ave. Avenue from L Street to K Street will always remain open for vehicular traffic (except for special events).

Q: How will I cross the Gaslamp by car?
A: All cross streets from K Street to Broadway will be open for traffic.

Q: When parking is removed from Fifth Avenue, where will I park?
A: There are many parking options in the Gaslamp and surrounding areas. Parking along Fourth Avenue and selected cross-streets is in the process of switching from parallel parking to diagonal parking, which will continue to increase the number of available parking spaces in the neighborhood. There are 3,700-plus parking spots available in parking structures within close proximity to the Gaslamp Promenade. Learn more about parking at

Q: When will Island Avenue and E Street between Fourth and Sixth be open?
A: Island Avenue and E Street between Fourth and Sixth will be open during the same hours as the Gaslamp Promenade.

Q: Will there be ADA-accessible parking close to the Gaslamp Promenade?
A: Yes. All accessible parking spaces that are removed from Fifth Avenue will be replaced within close proximity to the Gaslamp Promenade. Cross-street parking will be modified to ensure an adequate number of ADA-accessible spaces are maintained adjacent to the Gaslamp Promenade.

Q: How will I be able to get deliveries to my business or residence?
A: The Gaslamp Promenade will be open for deliveries from 3:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m., seven days a week. All businesses who service the neighborhood will be contacted prior to the construction of the project.

Q:  Will I still be able to valet my car at Gaslamp hotels or restaurants?
A:  Yes. All valet stands for hotels and restaurants will be located on side streets adjacent to the Gaslamp Promenade. 

Q. Who is going to pay for development of the Gaslamp Promenade?
A. The multiple sources of of funding for the project include state and federal grants, corporate donations and private investment.

Q. Is the design for the Gaslamp Promenade complete?
A. The Gaslamp Promenade’s collaborative development team has established a robust concept for the project. Design details including public art, street furniture, placemaking exhibits and lighting features, for example, remain in development.

Q. What is the benefit of closing Fifth Avenue to cars?
A. Eliminating cars from Fifth Avenue will create more space for people and empower the Gaslamp Quarter to receive and entertain more visitors. The absence of vehicular traffic will also promote investment in the neighborhood, thereby improving the pedestrian experience and making the Gaslamp Quarter safer for visitors.

Q. How will ridesharing (Uber, Lyft, etc.) be impacted?
A. All cross-streets through the Gaslamp Quarter will remain open to vehicular traffic. Cross-street parking will be redesigned to accommodate more loading zones (on each corner, adjacent to the Promenade) so rideshare companies will be able to pick up and drop off passengers easily.