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The Gaslamp Quarter Association in conjunction with Downtown Partnership Clean and Safe will collaborate in a 150th anniversary celebration with the installation of 15 fiberglass rabbit statues in the Gaslamp Quarter. 150 years ago, the area that is now the Gaslamp Quarter was jokingly nicknamed “Rabbitville” after its chief inhabitants. The “Rabbitville” installation will honor the pioneering spirit of legendary founder, Alonzo Horton, who transformed Rabbitville into modern San Diego. 15 artists will be commissioned to paint and decorate these unique canvases that will be on display to the public.  The Gaslamp Quarter Association is wanting to reach out to corporate patrons to share in the celebration by sponsoring one of the 15 sculptures.  Media, and Promotional opportunities are available to sponsors, and funds raised by this project will help in a new enhanced decorative lighting campaign to go on Fifth Avenue in 2018. Click here for more sponsorship information.


Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Rabbitville

Hilton San Diego Gaslamp Quarter

#Rabbitville is currently on exhibition at the Hilton!

Where: 401 K Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Hilton - 401 K Street

Thank You to Our Sponsors:

Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Downtown San Diego Partnership Rabbitville
Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Ghirardelli Rabbitville
Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Council District 3 Rabbitville
Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Padres Rabbitville
Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Instant Callers Rabbitville
Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Pacific Magazine Rabbitville
Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Pendry San Diego Rabbitville
Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter coca cola Rabbitville
Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Sycuan Casino

We have 4 rabbits available for sponsorship! Please click here for more information.

Meet the Artists:

Willabee by Matt Forderer

Meet the artist of Rabbitville’s First Rabbit: Matt Forderer!

A little less than a month ago San Diego Artist Matt Forderer picked up his unique fiber glass rabbit shaped canvas and went to work creating the first Rabbit of the Rabbitville Public Art project commemorating the Gaslamp Quarter/ Downtown San Diego’s 150th Anniversary. Matt Forderer is a classically trained artist, and has lived and worked in San Diego for over 25 years. Specializing in contemporary/surrealism, his public art murals and designs are in many locations throughout San Diego!

Click here to learn more about Matt’s creation, Willabee!

Willabee is available for sponsorship! Click here for more information.

Ordinate by Rebecca Nuvoletta

Meet the artist of Rabbitville’s Next Rabbit: Rebecca Nuvoletta!

One of the first artist prospectuses the public arts subcommittee received back in January was for Rebecca Nuvoletta’s “Ordinate” design. The committee was so impressed by the creativity of the medium and the design that was presented and now has come to life. “Ordinate” celebrates the visions of a distant future in the founding of New Town. The rabbit totem, treated in a prismatic array of color celebrates the moment of decision taken by Alonzo Horton.  His vision to gaze into the future beyond the existing rabbits is memorialized in the fantastical play of future holographic colors.  The sculpture sparkles with San Diego’s signature energy interface of the sun and sea.

Click here to learn more about Rebecca’s creation, Ordinate!

Ordinate is available for sponsorship! Click here for more information.

Honoring the Disdained by Tasha Hobbs

Meet the artist of Rabbitville’s Next Rabbit: Tasha Hobbs!

Tasha Hobbs has always enjoyed art and taught herself to paint while getting her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Dallas, Irving, TX.  She has enjoyed participating in Solo and Group exhibitions primarily around Texas, and has painted murals in Texas, San Diego and Rota, Spain. Much of Tasha’s work focuses on the balance between two opposites espoused in Taoist philosophy.  She is inspired by the integration between hard and soft, dark and light, passive and violent- contradictory themes which co-exist in the natural world.  Neither could exist without the other and the dynamic result of their conflict creates a unique balance. Tasha works at the Chinese Historical Museum in the Asian Pacific Thematic District and have been fascinated by the history and plight of the Chinese people. She dedicated her rabbit to this section of the community through Chinese symbolism of a carp over scales, representative of the Carp Jumping Dragon Gate proverb, accompanied with its title in traditional Chinese calligraphy. The proverb represent those who work hard and persevere through immense adversity will obtain success in their endeavor.

Click here to learn more about Tasha’s creation, Honoring the Disdained!

Honoring the Disdained is available for sponsorship! Click here for more information.

Against All Odds, We Thrive! by Sarah Soward

Meet the next artist of “Rabbitville:” Sarah Soward!

Sarah Soward just moved to San Diego a little over a year ago. Art has always been a part of Sarah’s life. Her work was shown and published as early as grade school. Soward’s version of contemporary surrealism is characterized by expressive brush strokes and an impressionistic sense of light. She plays with scale, juxtaposition, and enjoys employing a purposeful combination of color and brush work. Getting the point across is more important to Soward than realistic rendering or maintaining a rigid adherence to any single genre. If the idea requires a different style, she will experiment. “Against All Odds, We Thrive!” speaks to Mr. Horton’s passion and vision for San Diego changing from a wilderness of rabbits—surviving regardless of their predator—into a thriving port town home to gorgeous architecture, thriving business, and sunny skies.

Click here to learn more about Sarah’s creation, Against All Odds, We Thrive!

Against All Odds, We Thrive! is available for sponsorship! Click here for more information.

Diego by Monty Montgomery

Meet the next artist of “Rabbitville:” Monty Montgomery!

Monty Montgomery began exhibiting his work in 2002. Born and raised in Virginia, Montgomery loved black lines and bright colors at a very young age and was influenced by his mother who was a kindergarten teacher. Through his teenage years Monty discovered that his visual connection with unique situations was becoming more and more a substance for him to use in creative ways to express his inner works of art. Through “Diego,” Monty wanted to express the energy created by our amazing city. The colors and shapes covering the rabbit are visual impressions of experiences on the streets and through the sites of San Diego, California. The lines and angles represent architecture and the color relationships utilized represent the natural beauty we are surrounded with daily. From the ocean to the mountains to the desert, San Diego is full of powerful energy and beautiful locations that inspire us to be happy and appreciate every single day!

Click here to learn more about Monty’s creation, Diego!

Thank you to Sparks Gallery for sponsoring Diego!

Click here if you would like to sponsor Rabbitville!

Nelly Ghirardelli by Lee Sie

Meet the next artist of “Rabbitville:” Lee Sie!

Lee Sie is a photographer who was born in Utrecht Netherland, grew up in Northern California, and now resides here in sunny San Diego. Lee Sie’s rabbit was the first scultpture that was sponsored. Lee had to collaborate with the sponsor on its design.  Ghirardelli Chocolatier saw his prospectus in a catalog of 15 artists selected and thought it would be great to take his photographs of the 5th Ave. Ghirardelli location and the Gaslamp Quarter, along with their chocolate wrappers and of Ghirardelli’s headquarters in San Francisco. Lee photographed each color of the chocolate wrappers then printed them along with other images onto a vinyl adhesive laminate. Over 1000 pieces were cut out by hand (with the help of my wife!) and then placed one at a time onto the rabbit creating a collage. The process was quite challenging to arraign but very fun to assemble!

Click here to learn more about Lee’s creation, Nelly Ghirardelli!

Thank you to Ghirardelli for sponsoring Nelly Ghirardelli!

Click here if you would like to sponsor Rabbitville!

Rudy by Steven Van

Rabbitville Artist Spotlight: Steven Van!

When describing his work, Rabbitville artist Steven Van has a rooted fascination with the visual luxuries of the ancient Suessian and a commanding hunger to explore native charm within the disciplines of the real and unreal cultures. The southern Californian artist submitted a prospectus for the Rabbitville public art project that won the heart of sponsor Coca-Cola.  Together Steven Van and Coca-Cola collaborated on an amazing addition to the growing herd of rabbit sculptures.

Click here to learn more about Steven’s creation, Rudy!

Thank you to Coca-Cola for sponsoring Rabbitville!

Click here if you would like to sponsor Rabbitville!

Isadora by Kelly Schott

Rabbitville Artist Spotlight: Kelly Schott!

Kelly Schott is a writer, a dancer, a traveler, and a Rabbitville artist who collaborated with one of the Gaslamp Quarter’s jewel properties, the Pendry Hotel San Diego. Kelly used the design packet the Pendry had given her and photos she took during her tour of the Hotel to pull inspiration from patterns that resonated with her and stayed true to representing the Pendry.

Click here to learn more about Kelly’s creation, Isadora!

Thank you to the Pendry San Diego for sponsoring Rabbitville!

Click here if you would like to sponsor Rabbitville!